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New Driveways and Garden Paving in Oxted | Top 5 Features that Make the Most of Your Garden

If you want to maximise your garden space, it’s important to choose features that add function and style. However, it can be hard to know exactly what your garden needs, so we have created this handy guide to the top garden features that make the most of your space. As a dedicated landscaping company, we provide expert advice and extensive services ranging from block paving to resin bond driveways, ensuring every customer in Oxted, Horley and surrounds gets the perfect solution. While every customer and property has different needs, this page highlights some of the main landscaping features that can improve any space, including garden paving, decking, new driveways and garden structures.

To really get the most from your outside space, consider adding the following features:

Patios and Decking

We build patios and decks in Oxted to fit gardens of every size, providing neat, practical and low maintenance areas that let you enjoy your garden at all times of the year. We offer a wide range of garden paving options to suit every property style, including porcelain and block paving, and we construct both timber and composite decking.


Although it may not seem it, fencing is an essential part of your garden, providing privacy, security and a boundary. Furthermore, the right fence adds texture, structure and visual appeal. Our landscaping company offers closeboard, panel and trellis fencing to suit your needs.


When making improvements to your Oxted property, it’s important to think about your front garden as well as the back garden. While you may opt for a front lawn, many homes can benefit from a new driveway instead. If you don’t use your front garden, it’s worth thinking about upgrading to a functional drive that adds kerb appeal as well as a secure space to park.

Offering everything from block paving drives to resin bond driveways, Inspired Landscapes ensures every property can enjoy the benefits of a stylish and practical drive.


A pergola is an excellent way to add shade, privacy and/or a focal point, adding to the practicality of your garden as well as the overall look and design. Pergolas are an attractive addition to garden paving in Oxted, be it a patio or pathway and you can even use them to incorporate additional features such as lighting or climbing plants.

Another effective option is to install a pergola over a new driveway, adding a design element to the front of your home and providing some cover.


Outside lighting is essential if you want to enjoy your garden in the evening and as a skilled landscaping company, our additional services include effective lighting solutions for your space, including tree spotlights and patio lights. Furthermore, lighting also offers a level of security and aesthetic appeal, making lights an excellent addition alongside paths, resin bond driveways and other driveway types.

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